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Pallet Storage

Why store pallets at an external warehouse?

It’s simple really, With no minimum commitment and a simple charging system. You only pay for what you use. (Just like our simple Bulk Storage space). Why tie into a long term lease on a warehouse you are not filling?

We can store up to 2000 pallets on Link 51 racking at our Edinburgh location. This site benefits from a monitored intruder alarm system, Reo-linked CCTV & fire/pest prevention systems.

We have a bespoke WMS (Warehouse management software) which allows you to book storage, keep a check on stock and transparent monthly invoicing.

Prices range from £1.50 – £5.00 per pallet per week for storage ( handling fees may apply) depending on volume.


Bulk/loose Storage

We have been holding bulk & loose storage for hospitality & leisure companies for years, Stacked, crated & palletised Our staff can un-stuff containers, build onto pallets for easier storage and further distribution whilst systematically checking for damage, labeling correctly & scanning into stock so you can see it shown on the customer portal.

Often mis-understood this is such an integral part of the supply chain.

We also have various specialist equipment such as forklift bars for moving & storing heavy bulk items such as rolls of carpet, fabric & paper/plastic material.

Our prices for Bulk/Loose storage starts from £2.00 per cubic metre per week with £2.00 per cubic metre handling in & out Depending on volume this can be dropped significantly and every item that enters our warehouse is measured and only charged per actual volume in storage with no minimum.

Bespoke Services

We specialise in going the extra mile so if you have a request for a more tailored service then please fill out the contact form or email us directly at

We can and will do anything.

Our planners are experts at “going the extra mile”.

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